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Netrangler testimonials
"I communicate with the followers of my Doomsday Prophecy and also my Fantasy Football league using Netrangler. I wouldn't use anything else!"
~ Travis M.
Netrangler testimonial
"Fu*king sh*t cock balls do I love Netrangler!"
~ Debra M.
Netrangler testimonial #2 Dexter M.
"It's a nice surprise when the bad guy is on my table and he's like, how'd you find me? Thanks Netrangler!"
~ Dexter M.
Netrangler search engine testimonial
"I use Netrangler's porn enhancement features. If I'm looking for 19 year old big booty hos from Brazil that have furry fetishes, but are also into Omorashi, Netrangler will help me find them!"
~ Vince M.
Netrangler testimonial
"I use Netrangler because this guy at my work uses it. I don't even like Netrangler, I just use it because that's what he uses. I don't know what more I have to do to get his attention. I compliment him all the time, I showed him my video game, I hang out with his son's babysitter. He won't even give me the time of day. I'm not gay though, seriously."
~ Louis G.
Netrangler testimonial from the show Dexter
"Sometimes I want to find a good spaghetti restaurant in the area, so I appear to my son while he's at work.  I tell him what to type into Netrangler, and within seconds it's showing directions to the top 10 spaghetti restaurants in the city. Thank you so much Netrangler!"
~ Harry M.
Geller testimonial for Netrangler
"It's tough getting wireless internet where I'm at, but when I can, Netrangler works great!"
~ James G.
James Doakes testimonial for Netrangler
"If you use anything besides Netrangler you are out of your mother fu*king mind."
~ James D.
Netrangler on the moon
"We couldn't have found the moon without it. Thanks Netrangler!"
~ Neil A.
Netrangler testimonial
"Netrangler helped me free the slaves."
~ Abraham L.
"One does not simply walk into Mordor, you first have to search for it on Netrangler."
~ Frodo B.
Netrangler testimonial
"Netrangler is fun and easy to use. No matter if you're a novice or an expert, you'll love Netrangler. I guarrrrrrantee it!"
~ Grizzley B.
Netrangler testimonial
"What if this whole time Debra has also been a serial killer and is hiding it from Dexter?"
~ Conspiracy Keanu
Netrangler on Dexter

Netrangler search engine

Click to enlarge: Netrangler

Click to enlarge: Netrangler - The home page of Travis Marshall's computer
What fans are saying about Netrangler

"This is a great search engine perfect for solving crimes."
~ Timbo UK

"I love Netrangler more than life itself and I don't care what my parents think. Fu*k you mom and dad, you don't know me anymore. Why don't you get a life and just leave me alone already! I use Netrangler to solve crimes now!"
~ Paul H. Phx AZ

"I've used Eliot Search Engine in the past and I can tell you first hand, they are just pure evil. They punch kittens and steal rainbows from children. If you want a real search engine Netrangler is the bees knees."
~ Kevin M. Apple Valley MN

~ Steve M. Scottsdale AZ
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